Dating respect wheel

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Your friend is telling you something important to them, and they deserve to have you believe them.

It can be very difficult for someone to talk about assault or abuse, so be sure you really listen and believe them.

The wheel will give you the tools and skills to engage in healthy relationships.

The Power and Control Wheel was developed by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Program as a way to describe the patterns of abuse they saw in the women who were victims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is characterized by a pattern of actions that an individual uses to intentionally control or dominate his intimate partner.

The Power and Control Wheel represents the lived experience of women who live with a man who beats them.

You will come up with a relationship under control, not a relationship that is controlling you.

Love is respect - National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline has just unveiled its new interactive Teen Power and Control Wheel.

The Healthy Relationship Wheel provides you with the six components of healthy relationships.

Support, trust, intimacy, partnership, autonomy and communication are all based upon respect.

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