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I layed down on my back in the middle of the living room’s soft white carpet and slowly slipped of my panties. My nipples pulsed and were hard enough to see through my leather corset. I spread my legs wide apart and then began tapping my clit with the spoon. I took the spoon and licked off all of the liquid that I could taste and went back for more. My body thrusted up and down, but I wasn’t ready to climax yet, this was going to be the best orgasm of my life. I set the spoon down and brought my index finger to my fuck button to really get things started. I looked behind me and saw my boyfriend standing in awe watching my display. Now I have a regular fuck schedule and every time is good.

My legs got Goosebumps as the soft lace kissed my skin. I was embarrassed and asked him how much he had seen.

This is my best shot at literotica I was home alone and incredibly horny. I decided to do something that I hadn’t done for a while: masturbate the fuck out of my swollen clit.

longing for a big hard cock to fill me up but my boyfriend was out playing basketball with his friends and I couldn’t get my mind off of cock.

And there began the weirdness of all four of us siblings learning with varying skill to disguise our meanderings on porn sites.

I found a wooden spoon in the kitchen and thought that I would do something that I had never done before. Eventually I stood up and started to walk into the bathroom to take a shower, when I see all 4 of my boyfriend’s basketball buddies that were as hard as rocks and had seen the whole thing.

I was home alone and horny as fuck, so my pussy started to feel tight at just the thought of what I could do with the spoon. I was embarrassed but aroused and I looked at them and said, maybe next time, you guys can play too.

I’d work half-awake on assignments, so sleepy that I didn’t fully register the startling stuff open on the computer screens of every man in there. But I never fully forgot glimpses of the hairy dude checking out doggy sex either.

That is, not doggystyle, but the possibilities of intimate canine-human interaction.

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