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I check the time then stare at the phone willing it to ring. Finally bored of waiting, I slide off my shorts before laying back down.I slide my hands under my top, to play with my breasts.Plus, opting for phone sex over an IRL experience can be a great way to mix things up for long-term partners.As phone-sex operator Jenny Ainslie-Turner says, phone sex is less about quick exchanges and more about a total-body experience.“People think it's just talking dirty on the phone,” Turner tells Refinery29.While voice changers are mostly marketed to spies and the paranoid, Midori loves the erotic license inherent in the technology."If I could morph my body to engage in my fantasies with my lovers, I would, but right now I can't do that yet.

Some state laws are more explicit than others about what exactly counts as sex or sexual contact.

Closing my eyes I slide my hand over my pubic mound.

I shaved earlier and I love the feel as I glide my fingers over the silky smooth patch of skin.

“What a lot of people don't realize is that the brain is the biggest sexual organ in the body.

When you talk, breathe heavy, or moan, you’re doing this through a direct line to the brain.”But if you need some help perfecting your dirty-talk repertoire and etiquette, don’t worry: We talked to a handful of phone-sex operators and got their best advice for upping your phone-sex game.

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